Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Old Navy Compression Leggings: TRY THEM!

In search of the perfect athletic pant/legging duo? Try Old Navy's Compression Leggings for only $26.50 sold in stores and online, in three great colors (black, grey, denim'ish blue). I tried them yesterday and immediately had to buy two of them on the spot. They were awesome for working out yesterday evening, and today I am wearing a pair as regular leggings under a dress with boots. They aren't TOO shiny (like the American Apparel kind) but have just enough shine/opaque mix that they don't LOOK like workout pants if you're wearing them for regular daily use. 

They hold everything in at the waist, are flattering (think Lululemon), have a little pocket in the back for your keys or license if you're a runner, and are really true to size. I am a Medium, fit for a size 8-10 on the bottom. Also, just an aside while we're talking about butts... I am not the THINNEST in the butt department, and these were NOT difficult to pull on. Major points for your workout clothes, Old Navy!

Don't be hesitant to purchase work out clothes at Old Navy if you're thinking that the quality may be on the lower end, being that O.N. is known to be Gap's "lower-end" store. I think their active wear is made better than most Old Navy clothing, actually. I own workout clothing from Lululemon, Target, Old Navy, GapFit, Zumba.com, TJMaxx, Nordstrom Rack...the list goes on. I don't judge what company makes the clothing. If it fits well, the price is right, and you feel good while you wear it...buy it! And then buy another so you have a spare set!

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